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Toons wat if say 6 ppl interested? how to split the bill for the si chuan douhua? piggy i think interesred right? iirc.
We split the total cost equally.

the menu got Oysters...??
pity i'm not there to LOL @ u....
so young... so tender... u lamb-fats stealing person!!!!!
Yes, got chilled new zealand 1/2 shell oysters n oyster shooter with vodka and hot chilli sauce.

That day, so funnie, everyone rushing for the lamb rack with the most fats.

y... only 1 bite? the rest toons finished le?
y Toons???

Hor! Twtan so pian xin! Gib Toons finished all the lamb!
No wor. That time, i ordered the pasta thingy from the limited menu. I also only got 1 bite of the lamb.
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