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So guys when is the next outing? I want to join also.

The Line - Get Grilled Night (BBQ theme) (Open)

Date: 2nd Mar 2011 (Wed)
Location: Shangri-La Hotel
Time: 6pm
Price: $78++ before 39% discount

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Do note that there is an administrative charge of $20 per person if you do not turn up.

Table 1
1) Toons
2) Kahlan
3) Kahlan's friend
4) Missumuch
5) Samba
6) Twtan
7) PinG_PonG_PianG
8) garyloo77 (TBC)

Table 2
1) Swordsman
2) swatchie (TBC)

10 at Claymore (Sunday Brunch) (Open)

Date: 6th March 2011 (Sun)
Location: Pan Pacific Orchard
Time: 12pm
Price: $48++ or $42.50 nett after voucher discount (with free flow of fresh juices)

1. Toons
2. dennyz

3. raven1019
4. lovejade

5. sharshar
6. Kazana_Chris

7. Erwinlow *TBC)
8. samba fan (TBC)


* Looking for even no. participants. If odd no, the odd one out will not get to ultilise voucher.
Please look for replacement if you cannot attend after registration due to voucher requirement.

Marriott Cafe - Sunday Brunch (Open)

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Date: 20th March 2011
Location: Marriott Hotel
Time: 11:30am to 3pm
Price: $80++ with free flow juices

1) twtan
2) raven1019
3) Beta
4) Toons

Others in the plan
Crystal Jade Korean BBQ Buffet @ Nex
Rose Veranda - Hi Tea (Shangri-La)

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