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Hi Bubblegumcartel,

Thanks for the reply!
But i think ICA and Singapore Customs are 2 separate agencies. ICA is under MHA while Customs is under Ministry of Finance. I am more interested in Customs because of the enforcement-related work that it does MINUS the regimentation!!=)

But thanks for the advice anyway. Anyone else can share? would appreciate that a lot.
SPF and ICA are under MHA. Yes u are correct custom and ICA are seperate agency and the former being under MOF.
Singapore Customs was re-constituted on 1 April 2003, and is a department under the Ministry of Finance (MOF). The process brought together the revenue enforcement and trade documentation functions of the former Customs and Excise Department (CED), the Trade Facilitation Division (TFD) and Statistical Audit Unit (SAU) of IE Singapore. Border control functions at the checkpoints were transferred to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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