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Just a bit curious,

Are agencies like SPF and ICA considered "harder / more prestigous" to get in compared to Customs? Since they are under MHA while Customs is under MOF..

Hoping to get a good gauge of my chances... just a average guy with average grades..
Your choice of job should be one which you are interested in and pays an amount which you are satisfied with.You should not choose it based on "prestige" because it is very subjective and varies from person to person.The comparisons will never end.Hey,being a airline pilot is definitely more prestigious than any of those agencies right?Hmm,how about the STAR team in the SPF?Elite special forces,pratically oozes manliness.If you choose a job based only on "prestige",it will only be a matter of time before you loose interest and steam because you ran out of people singing your praises and admiring you for your job.

Also,you have to consider other aspects too.SPF requires you to be at least PES B.Anything lower than that and it is a definite no no.Even if you are PES B,do you think you can pass the required yearly IPPT or even get Silver for it?IPPT will definitely affect your promotion in the SPF just like in the army.ICA from what I heard has no IPPT requirement currently but they plan to implement it as a requirement somewhere in future.Customs has no IPPT requirement.

Finally,yes,there are private degree holders working as Senior Officers within those agencies.Of couse,if your results are only so so,don't expect much of a chance just like any other private sector jobs you might have applied with the same results.But please,don't be mislead into thinking that a private degree will definitely not get you a chance to enter into the public sector.
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