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What a pile of crap. If you want to delude yourself to think if you put in enough effort you can beat the market go ahead. It's already been proven by decades of research that 95% of the people can't do it, and the remaining 5% we cannot conclusively tell if they have been lucky or skillful.

What you have described is not investment. That is speculation and "astrology" like TA.
You cannot conclusively tell if it was luck or skill, so you determine it cannot be done?

Like I said, I do not need to beat the market ALL the time. I just need to do better for 70% of the portfolio aka MOST of the time.

And as I've said before, the decades of research are based in the PAST, it is a different world and research is over-rated in some sense.

Then why the need to crunch numbers? analysis? Just do as what you advocate, let's just buy index funds and be done with it since it's so idiot proof.

No need for CFAs or CHfc or whatever there is. Investment is so easy peasy

For some simple proof as requested. Read below for an analytical piece by Fundsupermart.

Dear Rommie2k6 will then go on to say about his Past Winners today will be tommorrow's losers.

Loosen up and be more accomodating of ideas and concepts than just be entrenched in your small world. You behave like those of what history has taught us, remember my analogy of the FLAT EARTH.

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