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nv sit outside the gents
just seat lorh

10 at Claymore (Sunday Brunch) (Open)

Date: 6th March 2011 (Sun)
Location: Pan Pacific Orchard
Time: 12pm
Price: $48++ or $42.50 nett after voucher discount (with free flow of fresh juices)

1. Toons
2. dennyz

3. raven1019
4. lovejade

5. sharshar
6. Kazana_Chris

7. Erwinlow *TBC)
8. samba fan (TBC)

9. etteNNaej
10. etteNNaej's guest

11. PinG_PonG_PianG

* Looking for even no. participants. If odd no, the odd one out will not get to ultilise voucher.
Please look for replacement if you cannot attend after registration due to voucher requirement.
2 by 2 is because of using the $28 voucher? like that from what i calculate according to experience is per pax $40 nett?
find my username in carousell. purchase from there or pm me.
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