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It really depends on the complexity of your will. If your will is going to be so simple that two persons can have identical wills, then it's something you can go get some book / internet research and draft yourself. Of course, the risk of doing it yourself is that if you make a mistake, it won't be discovered until it's too late.

for those standard wills, they will (a) appoint the executor, and substitute executor if the first one dies before you, (b) any specific bequeaths (e.g. property, car, etc), (c) bequeath of residue property, (d) empower the trustee to sell for cash. Then make sure the two witnesses are not beneficiaries under the will. Then if you want, you can register your will with the Wills Registry (free).

If you need a more complicated will, then you ought to instruct a lawyer to get it drafted properly.
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