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However, you can let the 2wire handle the VLAN in bridge mode

TP --- ONT --- 2wire (bridge) --- Router

The mioTV and mioVoice continues to be connected to the 2wire, and your PC devices will connect to the router.
Thanks - this was what I was trying to do. However, since the 2wire's a bridge, all non Mio devices connected to the 2Wire will obtain IPs from the router right?

The only limitation I can think of is that the 2701's not gigabit, so WAN throughput might be affected. However, I don't think I'll be subscribing to high speed plans anytime soon.

One more thing to note is that I'm thinking of a 'wireless' solution to link the 2wire and router together: the 2wire doesn't support wireless bridge right?

Be aware that using dd retards the wan-lan speeds of router than 1st party fw
I think so . My Dir300 can only attain up to 20mpbs up/down stream .
Thanks all - will take note though. Excluding the DD-WRT functionality, which would be a better choice (Buffalo or TP-LINK?). Was also thinking of Engenius 9850 as well.
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