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Paid $52.40 nett.
Actually its only $38++ or $44.70. I asked them to remove all the pickles and peanuts etc. They actually ordered longjing tea, which was $6.50 per pax. After service charge and GST, it works out to be $7.70 per pax for the tea. Heard from dennyz that the tea was nice - fragrance and not 'siap' ... beta drank like 7 cups ... think thats why he felt so full until like gonna merlion. For me, i sticked with ice water, heehee. Too cheapo to pay $7.70 for tea, esp at a buffet when i dun wanna drink too much.

i know they is tio forced fed lah
but i nv try before mah. but i see people eat like say until very gelat so i think i also cant eat much.
but still must hoot! some

As long as you take it hot, you will not feel gelat, or at least i dun. If cold liao, then you will get that fatty, greasy facid taste. I just feel super guilty cos i know that foie gras super high calories or is it cholesterol (maybe both), so i only eat like 3-4 slices, heeeheee.
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