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I just feel super guilty cos i know that foie gras super high calories or is it cholesterol (maybe both), so i only eat like 3-4 slices, heeeheee.
ya, foie gras is very unhealthy one, super fattening & very high in cholesterol.
wah ... 3-4 slices is considered *ahem* only huh?

Prefer the carousel high tea. Spread is much wdier.
tot u always hiam their ice-cream 3 boring flavours nia

I heard from Dennyz that crabs were not fed at all cos they feed on rotting meat and you can't feed them that here due to strict AVA rules. So they basically just starve and start to shrink. Thats why the crabs which were not sold off become much smaller.
oh, u mean once crabs reached sg, they dun get to eat ar? From wat u hv said, tat means one shd avoid buying small crabs no?

At least the goose get to eat til it dies. I will rather die a 'full ghost' than a starving one.
I'm not against eating foie gras cos poultry (not pets ) r meant to be eaten in the 1st place. Juz feel tat the breeder r so inhumane to inflict such cruel & brutal actions on helpless living things for their profiting motives.

i know they is tio forced fed lah
but i nv try before mah. but i see people eat like say until very gelat so i think i also cant eat much.
but still must hoot! some
I hv not eaten foie gras b4. Not sure if I will eat cos when there is demand, there will be supply.

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