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wo seh.. the fish dishes look damn shiokkkkkkkkkkk.. however i dont know why i cringe everytime i see soonhock being fried.. i still like it steamed
yap yap. looks so nice.

toons, beta: poor fishy. the fish head u guys also wanna attack

twtan: u finally met my denny !

missumuch: did u know they have an story teller amist them yesterday during dinner time that tell fiction tales? spreading untrue rubbish. how can he be so dumb to think that dining with someone equate to having a intimate relationship like a couple !

Yes. i am very disgusted! and not for the first time. apparantly this person thinks that he has all the correct infor and is facts and think he is very kind if he share it with you guys.

Sorry i don think agree. i know the mouth is his. but the fact that is reveal about me is definitely NOT TRUE!

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