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Prefer the carousel high tea. Spread is much wdier.

Actually they had quite a lot of desserts. 6 items in all - Sesame ball, tangyuan, mango pudding, red bean pancake, dou hua with wolfberries and fruit platter.

At least the goose get to eat til it dies. I heard from Dennyz that crabs were not fed at all cos they feed on rotting meat and you can't feed them that here due to strict AVA rules. So they basically just starve and start to shrink. Thats why the crabs which were not sold off become much smaller. Theirs were a worse fate imo. I will rather die a 'full ghost' than a starving one.
Hmmmm actually not all crabs coming in from neighboring countries i.e. Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand are fed with rotting meat.

AVA requirements are pretty stringent in the "Crab"department. It has to be from a licensed source if it's wild, meaning the contact/supplier/middleman must have the proper paperwork to certify its safe for consumption etc. somewhat like an ISO.

Another requirement would be the crabs gotta be Farmed and in this case they're actually fed proper meals not rotten meat.

I think it's a common misbelief that crabs eat rotting meat because they're scavengers and scour at the bottom of the mangrove river or seabed. Then like that means we are eating **** lor? Because some vegetables are still "fed" pig poo poo as fertilizers wor?

Anyway, crabs dont shrink else their shell will moult? They only get bigger thats why they moult. Smaller? Maybe the flesh shrink but not the body of the crab

The only thing seafood i know that shrinks in size is Fish

Pardon my cheong hey story.. I like the part u mentioned die a 'full ghost'.. LOL!!!
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