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Eeeerrrr, lazy, i just dump a chunk in and then stir n stir to separate them b4 fishing them out

Tried 1 slice, but not much taste at all. Need to eat 3-4 slices at once to get the taste, so i did it that way. If at other places with better quality beef, i will do it slice by slice, eg, at tarafuku.

every time I eat steamboat always kerna complain wrt tis aspect. Cos the sliced meat hasnt realli thaw yet, & I'm too impatient to wait so I juz dump the whole clot in

Fwen A: *scoop & scoop & saw a big clot of dunno wat* eeek! who's one?
Fwen B: *beoed 1 glance* aiyah, steel got who? surely is the loveumuch de lor!

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