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Very good. They are the top mobile games company at the moment.

They have cloned Starcraft, Call of Duty, Halo, Diablo, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto and many others.

And I must say they have done a good job at cloning.

Call of Duty -> Modern Combat 1 & 2
Starcraft -> Starfront Collision
Halo -> NOVA
Diablo -> Dungeon Hunter 1 & 2
Final Fantasy -> Eternal Legacy
GTA -> Gangstar 1 & 2

YouTube the vids if you wanna see how good they are at cloning.
i get their games for free (obviously JB-ed)
and most of the time it sucks

you cant play rts on ipod touch (i dont have iphone)
the controls are just not enough so it's quite fail
fps also fail. not only the ones from gameloft.

mobile games should be simple and towards user friendly-ness.
rpgs should be a good one cos i've played square enix's games, they are good.

i dont mind them cloning, but make sure it is fun so i dont waste my time downloading lol.
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