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Definitely. Though i must add tat towards the end when PPP ordered individual/small portions, the quality seems to be better. I think when we ordered large portions for more ppl earlier, quality was affected (due to mass production?). There might also be some mixed ups as some ordered med, some rare, n some med rare etc.
hmmm ... yeah normally quality is more or less compromised when there is mass order. Hawkers/zi chars stalls always hv tis problem de.
heng ah ... the drop in quaility is not becos of the fact tat it has been recced by u, so I'm relieved!

Btw, remember the Cheng Ji song fish at Chinatown food centre? Dad did commented tat the sauce deteriorated in the last few rounds tat he went during dinner. He said tat they any how cook due to the sudden surge in customers and the waiting time was longer than last time. Tat happened after it was featured on TV. Hence, I supposed u may wanna consider trying at non peak hrs?
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