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be it is jiak zi char or other thingy, the same principal applies de.

Many times, ppl ish noe a certain place has no std/practise price discrimination/wun feel heypi even if jiak there de.

but "ren zai jiang hu, sheng bu you ji"

If there is the only place where staple food is available to u, den u ish hv no choice steel hv to gose there & jiak, regardless of whether u enjoy chiur meal or not at the end of the dae ...

Tis is hao I feel; if u get my meaning.
so there must be more choices available。。

else even tat zi char stall sucks also bo bian need to order from there。。。

just like my canteen。。
food sucks n so ex some more。。
the cai png dou fu wif mince meat wan to charge for the price of a meat dish。。
all dishes put a bit mince meat consider meat dish liao。。

so we all boycott bring outside food。。
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