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wow i like how u summed up ur feelings for lunch.. damn wu seh.. TA MA DE! LOL!

I still like the good ol` catfish fish and chips
paiseh, i'm an old auntie that look like dinosaur... totally bor seh

catfish fish and chips is good, last time Fisherman's Wharf used to have halibut fish and chips... that one was quite awesome
aw~~~ so sad... dont be sad.

nvm... next time bring u go eat wacky say not crispy de fish n chip... we can call twtan along....
yah, felt so cheated after all the nice reviews i heard from friends and read online

okie, next time go eat not crispy fish and chip
Those 4 dishes cost $89.50!? That is super expensive.
the bread.... is complimentary!!! i'm NOT going back again

but ur tummy space not alot.. if eat durian, no fish, if eat fish no durian....

so u can only choose 1.
so durian before Fish & Chips or after.... i can have both
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