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aiyah! even if u concentrate yr efforts in jiaking only the pineapples & bread, u oso worth gao gao liao rah!

acherly, might not be tat they purposely increase the salt dosage as the nite goes. Hmmm ... if realli wanna test, mayb for the 1st 1-2 hrs of jiaking, can concentrate the munching on one side of the mouth so tat only 1 side of the tongue gets the taste. Den use the other side of the mouth to continue trying out the meats bbqed in the latter part of the night.
Sounds stewpid it may seem, but tats the best way to test if the cuts is deliberately over-seasoned to prevent excessive consumption
bread and pineapple so exp ???

like that eat very tired.. forget it. my tongue can tell the difference.
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