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I didn't go cause my colleague finally confirmed yesterday to go eat fish head curry. I still waiting for Toons for the pictures.
no picture was taken. at nett price $24.50, can't expect too much. their meat section is quite limited..

chicken heart, chicken liver, chicken thigh, lamb, beef, they have roast pineapple and garlic bread.

Yesterday was my 2nd time. this time round no fish.. they have some cooked dishes, nothing fantastic. cheapo ice cream. The mushroom soup is inferior compared to campbell soup although toons find it better.

There is no ice water served. if u need to drink buy 1.5litre of mineral water and drink discretly.
Ooops, want pics also cannot. Everything into tummy and out by now, heehee.

The spread shrank slightly. Pasta was now not ala minute, but at the buffet spread and only tomato based sauce. Still okay though.

The cooked dishes and salad also slightly smaller. Less 2-3 dishes if i am not mistaken, eg, no more heart of palms.

For the meats, the beef comes in 2 cuts, rump and top side. I liked both, though the top side can be a tad raw. Chix also come as thighs (very gd!), spicy and normal chix wings. Got black pepper beef too. No fish though, dunno if dun have that nite or permanently removed.

I found the meats better than the previous time i was there. Not as salty, though some of the pieces, esp those on the outside, can still be a tad salty.

Overall, decent meal, esp considering the price. Satisfied my meat cravings! Really dun mind going back again a few months later if got similar promo, though might prefer to try the 6th avenue one. Gone for cheapo one now, must go try the exp and more premium one
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