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K, my share of the homework for today’s Equinox outing. The view is fantastic, especially since the restaurant took advantage of its height by installing ceiling to floor glass walls. Found the view better than compared to other restaurants located at high floors tat I went to b4, eg, Sichun Douhua, or the Skypark at MBS. Maybe the location is better. The view at evening time around sunset time should be spectacular. No wonder beta like to bring gals here …

Took many photos, but I like this one.

They had 3 types of sashimi – salmon, tuna n dunno wat. Anyways, I went for the salmon as usual. Very good salmon, fresh n fatty.

Foie gras!!! This was the special SEARED version tat I asked for. You can compare it to the ‘normal’ version posted by twtan.

Sinfully divine even though its only duck liver instead of goose liver. You can see the fats n oil oozing out … yea, ended up eating 4 pieces Well twtan n samba each ate 3 too, n twtan would have gone for the 4th helping too if not for his tummy discomfort )PS: its not just wholemeal bread but bread made from 100% wholemeal flour)
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