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I usually boycott places that refuse to let people take food photos.
What is wrong with taking pictures
Well, their place, their rules. I can sympathise tat sometimes it can be disruptive to other diners. There was once or twice, i end up having to wait as someone was taking photo of the food. Also, i do not like to accidentally end up in someone else's photos, even though the main focus is the food.

Anyways, they did not stop us from taking photos of the food at our table. Wat i can't stand are restaurants which refuse to serve plain water ... n make diners pay for overpriced mineral water.
Each place has their own rules and regulations so I have nothing more to add. Some like Oscars don't allows you to take their deco but food wise they are ok.

Melt is still the best place for taking pictures of the foods. They let me in early before the buffet starts so the foods are still untouched by other diners.
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