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wow the food looks great... and u guys are EVIL keep showing me oysters!!!

Toons, what camera did u get? nice pics

oh and i went to look-see at Todai today... not impressed, large variety of food but no delicious smell.... and NO HANDSOME KOREAN CHEFS (as stated in the articles) either but piles and piles of that korean strawberries stated in the promo leaflet....
Oei, simi evil? You should be touched. Whenever see nice oysters, we will go 'These look nice. Hmmm, Kunoichi will love these. I know, lets take a photo for her to drool over!' Okay, maybe the last part is evil

Errr, i sorta recall them promoting the pretty korean waitresses as an attraction rather than handsome korean chef. So hows the waitresses over there? Pretty? Got flies over the sashimi?
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