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Oei, simi evil? You should be touched. Whenever see nice oysters, we will go 'These look nice. Hmmm, Kunoichi will love these. I know, lets take a photo for her to drool over!' Okay, maybe the last part is evil

Errr, i sorta recall them promoting the pretty korean waitresses as an attraction rather than handsome korean chef. So hows the waitresses over there? Pretty? Got flies over the sashimi?
at the rate i'm drooling over the oyster pics i'm gonna have to change a new keyboard soon.... pls take responsibility and sponsor me a new one

pretty waitresses ah? hmm... okie lah, quite sweet-looking, smile alot and very well-mannered 1 was following us as we went in to check out the food, not intrusive she kept a distance and mantained a great smile all the way even though it's obvious we're not staying to eat.
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