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cheepo??? wat happened to ur new camera ley...?? anyway i think the noise more like due to over-sharpening ley... got compare to the original pre-processed photos or not...??
Err, the cheapo camera is my new camera. Costed me $151. The hp one is beyond cheaponess

for good photos... should learn from sen's ones... his use of focusing the food in clarity in the foreground with blurred/unfocused background damn pro... and his photos hardly have noise... and having the right balance of colors... can make ordinary hawker food look soooooooo delicious...!!
If i not mistaken, the 'sharp subject n blurry background' is a feature of the camera rather than a technique. My colleague demoed to me b4 on her camera. Think someone here also showed me b4 on 1 of the outings. Twtan? Normally found in cameras >= 300+. I love tat effect too. If its a technique, then sign me up to learn it.

Errrr, if taking only 1 or 2 items, can really take time to compose the pic nicely, but for buffets a bit difficult. If really take time to setup every pic, dun need to eat liao. I sometimes just point, shoot and move on. Abt 1-2 secs per pic. Furthermore 1 hand to lift up the cover, another hand to hold and click on the shoot button, so i normally use higher ISO spd to compensate for any shakiness. However, i have to admit, my hands not steady enough.

PS: I do think Sen's pics look great too, n its a great deal to do with his good photography skills.

Hawker centers are usually bright with natural light compared to restaurants which can be dimly lit and with artificial lights. Low light equal higher ISO speed equal more noises in pictures. Artificial lights means colour casts which resulted in non natural colours.
Yea, esp 333. You'll think tat at the prices it charges, it can afford some decent lighting, but the place is so dim. Supposedly to make the ambience more romantic, but if you ask me, i think its to prevent diners from seeing wat they're eating + too cheapo to install more lights. Keke ... i'm kidding ... but it is really dim there.
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