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Hawker centers are usually bright with natural light compared to restaurants which can be dimly lit and with artificial lights. Low light equal higher ISO speed equal more noises in pictures. Artificial lights means colour casts which resulted in non natural colours.
ya oso...

Was reading your post, then it struck me tat this is precisely wats happening when i shoot with macro mode. The depth of field is much nearer, allowing me to focus on close objects. So i should be able to see the 'blurry background' effect on my macro shots. Went back to see n the effect is really there! Like in the shooter pic below, the plate and utensils behind the cup are indeed blurry in comparison to the contents of the shooter. Well, its not really tat obvious, but its there. So kewl
ya dat is wat macro mode supposed to do...

Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. Now tat i relooked at the processed pics vs the origs, the prob is blindlingly obvious. I must be blind to miss it

Sometimes, less is indeed more ...

Took 2 samples n tried again. 1st processed pic vs orig vs retry attempt.
much better this time... although i would still rather not do any sharpening at all... especially if the original isn't blur in the first place.... usually i would apply sharpening only if the original pic is blur.... otherwise sharpening simply makes the noise sharper but doesn't do much to the photo... so normally i'd just focus on the white balance/color contrast only...

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