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Its 1:1 promo, unless you are able to get another person to form a 'pair', you might have to pay the full price of $49.80++, and its definitely not worth it.

Also, from wat i know of your preference, i strongly doubt tat you will enjoy dining room. They do not have much seafood, and wat they had, eg, the sashimi n clayfish, not very good. Well, there are still the mussels and oysters ... but considering how the sashimi n clayfish went, i am not hopeful.

If you still wanna join, your're welcome, but just just be prepared lor. I can add you to the list first n then see if anyone else wanna join too, so as to form a 'pair'. Let me know.
I actually PM twtan14, as the other thread is closed for replies, but s/he replied full house. How about adding me in the waiting list for another pair to form for half price? I have not enjoyed raw oysters for many years. Sakura only has cooked mini oysters in big shells covered with plenty of flour only.
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