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I actually PM twtan14, as the other thread is closed for replies, but s/he replied full house. How about adding me in the waiting list for another pair to form for half price? I have not enjoyed raw oysters for many years. Sakura only has cooked mini oysters in big shells covered with plenty of flour only.
Dinner Buffet @ Dining Room, Sheraton Towers - Closed

Date: 14th Apr 2011 (Thursday)
Location: Dining Room @ Sheraton
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Price: $49.80 ++, $29.30 nett after 1:1 promo

1) Toons
2) PPP
3) Twtan
4) Kunoichi
5) Kahlan
6) Cassy
7) Raven
8) Samba
9) Dennyz
10) Samba's guest


Toons told me closed when I smsed him the other day.

PS: Just saw his reply above.
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