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Aeron Chair's Customization

To find out more about the available options, please check the following page.

Compatible Headrest (For classic Aerons only)

Many guys are asking for something to rest the head to enable lean back for taking naps. There's only two main makers in the market.

Engineered Now Mesh Fully Adjustable Headrest (Highly recommended)

Reviews: Customer Reviews: VendorGear Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

  • With the mesh it's breathable to regulate temperature
  • Fully adjustable with better manoeuvrability. Height, Depth & Tilt Control
  • Better flexibility on the mesh to facilitate contouring.
  • Not as scratch visible on the mesh

We actually studied the Atlas headrest for a while.
Albeit there's a few good reviews, we hold to our reservations.
As it's not breathable and there's three shortcomings in its adjustment
The forward tilt maybe too forward for some, which may aggravate the forward head syndrome mentioned below.
There's no locking for top-bottom or forward-backward, which means he headrest will need more adjustment to stay in place.
There's no tilting, to adjust to the exact right angle.
In summary, it's not as adjustable and may not fit as much people.
Since it's cushion instead of mesh, it will trap heat.
We have tried many options and conclude that the Vendorgear headrest is definitely the best option which certainly guarantees Aeron as the best chair in the world.
It empties every gap from your entire spine up to your neck developing the perfect support.

To support the head, the right place to support is the neck. Else if the cushion pushes the head, it will form the forward head posture

As it's adjustable, you can tune the right angle to fit the position of your neck, as well how much support is necessary.

It fits so snugly until you can't move much out of your correct posture.
We highly recommend this upgrade above all the other upgrades.

It's a patented product from a 3th party maker, Engineered Now is located in USA.


MO Price:
S$215 (With chair)
S$230 (For just headrest itself or ordered separately later)

MO Price:
S$255 (With chair)
S$265 (For just headrest itself or ordered separately later)


Another thing is the tension can be adjusted by tightening the screw. (Not too hard to not damage the frame)

Hard Casters 2.5 Inch (Made in Germany, exclusive premium version)

Suitable for hard floor or carpet.
Hard casters have a soft coating to make them quieter, and less likely to scratch your floor. It also has better traction, so the chair won’t get out of position and result in a bad posture.

This is a much-improved version, German made. A BIG upgrade from the original ones which are China made, we searched for the best possible provider in the world to get them.

MO Price:
S$59 (With chair)
S$89 (For just casters itself or ordered separately later)
Come in set of five.

Read more here:

Click here to order
Click here for all information and more choices
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