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About this Mass Order

All warranty had been received promptly directly from USA in the past years.

Warranty's coverage:
  • Warranty covers a 12 years parts warranty
  • The warranty only covers the function of the chair, not on wear and tear.
  • We are unable to warrant against light scratches done during transit, we can only guarantee the couriers try their best to keep such things from happening.
  • Leather material is not warranted from improper treatment, usage or without proper leather care. Like any real leather products, there’s no way to guarantee perfect grain pattern.

The main difference between purchasing from the mass order and from the official local distributor is:
  • We do not offer any labor warranty throughout the 12 years, the local distributor covers ONE year.
  • We will only receive claim parts from the main factory plant in USA.

Claim of warranty:

Claim from USA directly!

The service from USA is usually better, normally they will replace with a new part. You will have to inform us and we will see to the arrangement.

Claiming from USA will require you to fix it up yourself so this saves the labor charges to incur almost no cost. Instructions are normally given with parts, or we can provide it if we have it. 9 out of 10 cases are minor issues fixed by the owner themselves.

We understand that not everyone is good with fixing and not every part is easy to fix, we can refer to a freelance repairman and it will be charged a nominal transportation fee.

As for waiting time, it can be quick in a few days if we have the ready spares, which we have almost all of them. Else it will require 2 months of shipping time like the authorized dealer.

To submit for claim from USA, please submit the following:
  • A photo of the serial under the chair
  • A photo of the fault you referring with a description of the problem
What happen after the 12 years warranty?
Lastly if your chair is finally beyond warranty and some devastation wrecked the chair, you still may not have to dump your chair.

You can buy the spares and recondition it back.
  • When you buy the spare parts, it will come with the necessary installation or repair guide.
  • If you need more information on how to repair, check out youtube/google. You can find alot of necessary information on how to repair yourself.

Or you can trade back in
  • There's always value for your Aeron chair whether it's working or faulty
  • We can arrange for you the trade in process with a local company dealing with old Aeron, but you will have to send the chair yourself.
  • Faulty over warranty chairs can still fetch $50 to $150 depending on model


Please read this disclaimer before ordering
Please be fully aware we are only in charge of helping everyone order in on behalf of everyone to get better prices, in sharing shipping. We are NOT authorized agent, middleman/resellers, but just parallel importing on everyone's to share shipping between forumers.

We are not legally authorised to provide personal warranty nor misrepresent as their agent. As warranty should be received directly from Herman Miller, under their jurisdiction so you can ensure you have the right support without jeopardizing the status of your warranty.

We do ensure that you get what you ordered.
Safe thing is, so far there's no big issues unsolved.
For getting parts due to whatever reasons, please be patient.
Herman Miller's factory is not located somewhere in Singapore, it's in USA, Michelin and there's necessary procedures to claim warranty and sufficient time is needed to claim parts.

We are also not Herman Miller to ensure that they pack all the parts correctly.
We are also not a warehouse nor service centre to hold every Herman Miller's spare parts, even the local distro will take time to get the parts.
So please be logical and don't rush us, the process will automatically unfold itself upon lodging.

For those who request for assembly:
Assembling is being offered at a cheap price, which will save you possibly an hour+ for a newbie.

Assembling is only for attaching the back rest to the main frame, install the posturefit/lumbar pad and headrest(if purchased). The bottom assembly where all the control lies, comes pre-assembled and our installer won't touch nor test them.

The assembling is not a service for profit but to ease your headache, in USA they charge US$50 for fully assembled model.
We are getting people to assemble as we have ALOT of people who is unable to fix it, or lose/break something while installing and come back to me complaining about "defect".

As the assembly will be done by a freelance repairman, who is not a representative for HM nor it's affiliates. We will not guarantee, no warranty nor take any responsibility of any direct or indirect losses, damages,lost of functions, defects, scratches, etc. We'll be very glad if forumers choose to assemble themselves but please be patient if you can't fix it or need to get parts replacement.

Please take note that we will also not be responsible for any damages like scratches/bents incurred from delivery/transit(They are rare but we won't know if it can happen since it's a long shipping process). From USA HM => Vendor => Shipper => To SG.
We can't control but if something is severely wrong, we can get support anyway, so not much issues.

Deliveries made within Singapore, we now use protective measures to prevent the chairs from damage, so should be no problem on the local transportation.

We don't want to over promise or exaggerate HM's warranty policies, so i think we have to make it clear.
Please only participate in this MO if you are agreeable or comfortable to the terms and conditions because we want both parties happy.

On delivery and shipping:
Please take note that shipments are subjected to delays which are beyond what we can do.

They come by ship and shipping is affected by weather and other conditions.
We are using seafreight as air is more expensive and previous experience with air freight had a lot of chairs ended up with bents/scratches due to the unstable movement within the plane.

There's no tracking number by sea freight, so please do not keep asking us when is the delivery as we have no idea which part of the ocean the ship is still in.
We will keep all the latest updates on the last page.

Once it reaches SG, the process will automatically unfold itself.
The couriers pick them, assemblyman assembles them if needed and send them.
We don't touch them.
Things will get pretty fast on our end. The assemblyman will settle in a day.

We are using a freelance courier company who offers the budget of $30 and are delicate enough to handle the deliveries.
For any issues or orders, please PM us here.
Or you can email me at:

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