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Ok, my shipment from CGW/DHL arrived, and it's the first and last time I'll be using CGW, or at least their useless concierge service.

First bad enough they took the wrong shipping option when I specified to opt for free shipping cause I specially added some small items to my order from the merchant to make up US$100 and qualify for free shipping (the extra items actually cost less than shipping).

Well stupid CGW still went ahead and selected express shipping, making the extra items redundant cause I didn't need them afterall if I was gonna go for express shipping. So in all I paid over US$20+ extra.

Then now, when my order is finally delivered to me, I find that those fools actually ordered the wrong item for me.

I ordered the special edition of a game and they ordered the bloody standard edition for me. Brand new copies of the special edition now go for over twice the original price. Unless they're gonna buy back this standard edition from me and buy me a special edition to make up for their error, that is some screwed up service on their part.

And yes, I checked the order confirmation they sent me - they actually confirmed that they ordered the special edition, but looking at the screenshot of their order now, they ordered the normal one.

So yeah, would highly NOT recommend Comgateway at all. Pay so expensive for nothing.
B4 u make yr buy4me payment, I trust they would hv given u a manifest of the items to be bought?..if it has been wrong, wouldn;t the amount hv differed by the cents you intended? And in so doing, question them b4 making payment.

Said can be said with vpos, I send my vConcierge, for 4 weeks liao, no confirmation of recieipt of concierge service, no reply...I was amazed, wtf.
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