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Just to share something

Only for first timer using BL...and have Citi cc and had NEVER used BL (and their ridiculous charges) before..or those looking for their ridiculous hard to find shipping discount code...well, Citi have a promo till end of this mth which I saw on the my current mth statement...which I proceed to email them to find out more as I couldn't find any info... below is the correspondence with them....

re: Dear Mr Ashley

We wish to inform you that to be eligible for the promotion, you:

- must hold Citibank credit cards
- must not be Citi Globeshopper customer or have not used Citi
Globeshopper service in the past 2 years..
- must use Citi Globeshopper to ship your merchandises from our US or UK
sites to Singapore addresses
- shipping charge must be charged to Citibank credit cards during the
promotion period (01-30 April 2011)

Should you have any queries, alternatively, you may call our 24-Hour
CitiPhone Banking at 6225-5225.

Thank you for banking with Citibank.

Original Message Follows:
Form Message
subject:Re:Enquiry on Product Promotions

Comments:Hi Meeshani,

Yes I do hold a Citi cc and I had used Citi Globeshopper for the
first time on 13th Apr to ship out from the the Globeshopper US suite to
Singapore. So does that mean I qualify and the cashback rebate will be
reflected in my upcoming statement?


Yours sincerely

Meeshani Visvalingam
Client Correspondence

re: Dear Mr Ashley

Kindly be informed that 25% of the shipping charges will be credited
into eligible cardholder's credit card account within 2 months after the
campaign period ends (30 April 2011).

Thank you for banking with Citibank.

Yours sincerely

Kokilavani Ravi
Client Correspondence

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