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B4 u make yr buy4me payment, I trust they would hv given u a manifest of the items to be bought?..if it has been wrong, wouldn;t the amount hv differed by the cents you intended? And in so doing, question them b4 making payment.

Said can be said with vpos, I send my vConcierge, for 4 weeks liao, no confirmation of recieipt of concierge service, no reply...I was amazed, wtf.
Exactly, they sent me an e-mail with the actual header "Your comGateway Order XXXXXX - Placed", with all the line items supposedly ordered already, and in that manifest they sent me is clearly stated the collector's edition was ordered, so yeah, they screwed up big time and misrepresented their service.

I can't remember the exact steps already, but going through my e-mails I believe it's
1) Order using their BuyForMe service, with quantity and price of items entered in their form
2) They will get back to you with an Order Confirmation of the items you wanted from the merchant, and you check to verify quantity and prices and agree to make payment
3) They place the order and send you an Order Placed notification with the items again, and charge the respective amount to the card specified in previous step
4) Just wait for package to arrive in US and let them ship

I believe the part you're talking about before I made my payment is the e-mail at Step 2, but that was correct. In fact, even past Step 2, up until and including Step 3, where I got the aforementioned e-mail, ALL the items/prices/qty/everything included were correct, so I had no reason to believe anything was wrong.
They basically sent me a notice saying, ok this is the list of stuff you wanted, and we have already ordered it all for you. So there was no reason for me to suspect it had gone wrong behind the scenes, especially when everything they sent me was still in accordance with my order.

What happened was they probably sent out an automated mail for step 3 based on step 2, saying yeah yeah, we ordered those items you listed in step 2, but manually, the person doing the ordering between steps 2 and 3 screwed up and ordered wrong.

Even if it sold out or whatever (it has now, but it wasn't the case back then cause I remember checking and the merchant still had stocks when I received my order confirmation), I specified too to cancel the order if it could only be partially fulfilled.

Right now I'm trying to figure out if those idiots actually charged me more for the supposed special edition they did NOT order for me. Too tired to calculate all the individual costs now, and looks like I won't be able to get in touch with them till Monday in any case.

So damn frustrating. Now I'm stuck with a standard edition game that I don't need (I already bought it locally and was buying the Special Edition from overseas for collection), and will probably have to sell it off at a loss, and then pay a premium on eBay to buy the Special Ed that I was supposed to have ordered in the first place.

Anyway they've definitely lost me as a customer already. One time was enough. $#!++y service. Fancy interface also useless. Back to vPost for me.

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