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@kidocelot, I feel u shd dispute this with them. cos everything is documented. There no indication of yr wrong judgment. They shunt be let off for this grave blunder for the good of their business and future customers like us. Ask to return goods and shipping fees. Shd be no prob, as us stiffs r all hv return policy. The loss is only the shipping fees and return shipping. Write in and rqt their dhl to pick up. At most, u bring it to their office. I support.
Yeah I will send in a dispute on Monday, but I'm not looking forward to the hassle. Even if they agree to return to the merchant for refund, I'm probably gonna have to wait at least a few weeks or a month to everything to be settled, keep chasing them, etc.

If and when I get my money back, already made a lost from the shipping, and I'll still need to pay a premium price to obtain the special edition I originally wanted from third parties on eBay or whatever.

So yeah, unlikely they can do anything do compensate for this c0ck-up, sadly.

Thinking I might as well try to sell it locally at a loss. Probably a bit more than how much I would lose returning it to them, but at least I know I get my money back for sure and wouldn't have to wait so long.

Best part is, looking at the screenshot of the order they placed at the merchant, can actually see they viewed the actual item I wanted (the special edition of the game), under "Items you have previously viewed", but they still went ahead and ordered the normal edition. Goofballs.

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