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Hmm I guess I will afterall, thanks for your support!
Is it better for me to call or e-mail their customer service? It will be a local person handling right?
Made a voice call to US, i'm not too sure there is a local office #, shows them u mean businesses, not some usual tame e-mailers and asian (esp.sgp) customers. (use freeIDD mobile, if line trfring to the manager is taking too long, switch to SIP calls 2 cts/min). IF got local office/rep, then better..

Lay out your max. claims and demands, including these phone calls you are making to them, manager will ask you to document them, get her name, and other names along the way. Email to them with pics and docs, and sound firm, not perhaps, maybe, etc)..Follow up with another call if you dun receive reply in 3 days or unsatisfactory settlement..and pressurize them, her/him.

This is not kiasu, but standing up for your rights, and keeping companies in check. But if u choose to be tame, then no one can help you liao.
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