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Had really a nice time yesterday enjoying the food (especially the Soon Hock), my fav. Too bad i can't eat more. Also nice meeting you and Big Monkey for the first time, and i learned that all 3 of you (Raven, Carey and Big Monkey) can take really spicy food.

I also learned some new thing from Lin on pricing of vegetables (which was interesting).

By the way BigMonkey, the very spicy level 8 ramen shop is called Beppu Menkan (the soup is really numbing), but disclaimer, for me this ramen place is only average, except when i crave for very very spicy ramen do i patronise this place. Other than that there are much better options for good ramen.

You can read the reviews here.
Good morning, 大姐。

Thank you for the info, i go try it tonight.
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