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My previous card is a normal sim which I used in my nokia.
Iphone 4 came out before my contract expires.
So, no choice but to buy from apple store and cut it myself.
Then went to singtel to subscribe a data plan.
That was last year.

Went to Singtel this afternoon to get multi sim after I got my ipad.
The cso asked me what do i used it for. I think I was too happy after getting my ipad and told him i'm using it on ipad. He then say they want to charge me $10 per month for the multi-sim.
I told nvm, can cut because my current one also cut one. :p

Finally, got it for $30 and $5 per month. But, the new sim seems to be smaller than the one I had.
Not sure whether it will work. Anyway, they said my current card will deactivate in 24 hrs and I need to put the new one in when i find that I cannot call out. Will post again after the switch.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed
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