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enjoy for lunch
Thanks I will, looking forward to the tomorrow lunch, which will be my one and only meal for tomorrow.

Todai (Open)
Lunch Buffet

Date: 9th May 2011 (Monday)
Location: MBS
Time: 11.30am to 4.30pm (last order at 4pm)
Price: $42++ or $37.08 nett after discount UOB 4 go pay 3 promotion

To enjoy the UOB 4 go pay 3 promotion, we need multiple of 4 participants. Please find replacement if you are not able to go after confirmation.

1) Kahlan
2) Twtan
3) Beta_Tester
4) BigMonkey

5) Dennyz
6) Kazana_Chris
7) Kazana_Chris friend

All so meet at the restaurant at 11.30am or if you want i can meet at city hall mrt at 11.10am to take bus there. Do let me know via sms or pm if you are meeting at City hall mrt.
The thought of good food is what keeps me going!!!

kim su-han-mu ....

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