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Assortment of Sashimi - The brown colour fish on the right is called "Blue" something, I can't remembered its name.

Blue marine. But not much taste. Still prefer the salmon belly. Had 2 helpings of it. Yummy.

I thought the food generally was good and lots of food to eat. However the chilled prawns were salty (preferred the dining Room at Sheraton). Also i quite enjoyed the grill pork belly and the pork belly with orange. Thought it was tasty.

Beta and I tried a small portion of the Level 5 Spicy Roll. Spicy..(but still tolerable, maybe cause i just tried a small portion) but to me the sushi roll does not go nicely with the spicy sauce. It does not taste nice. If the roll had taste nicer, i don't mind eating more.

Enjoyed my lunch and the great company, too bad TW had to rushed off. I had lots to eat and 2 glasses of lemon drink, 1 glass of coke zero, 1 cup of mocha, 1 cup of cappuccino and 1 cup of black coffee. I'm still very full now.
The thought of good food is what keeps me going!!!

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