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Just to give a brief summary of the spicy sushi,

Level 1 - Can taste the spicy sauce, no tongue numbing effect. Still feel ok, clear headed. kept on chewing until can feel more of the spicy sauce. (regretted this strategy)

Level 2 - Accumulative effect, can taste that the spiciness is a level higher than level 1. (I suppose this level 2 post is redundant).

Level 3 - Accumulative effect, the spicy sauce start to taste bitter, didn't know what ingredient was in the sushi. (dun think too much, just put everything into my mouth).

Level 4 - Accumulative effect, the whole tongue start to feel the spicy tingling.

Level 5 - Accumulative effect, felt the eyes start to produce tears and popping out, nose start to run like waterfall.

Glad it is over,
I downed 4 cups of cola, 1 cup of ice milo after the spicy sushi.

Will i try again? i think so. Have to think of another strategy to attack this spicy sushi.

That clams soup/water, how does it taste? Good or yuck?

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