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How come the competition took your appetite away? Was it really so spicy tat it affected your appetite?
Its all sushi rice and some filling. I get full easily if i eat rice.

When you took part in the competition, you dun have to sign up right? Then they have no means of keeping track who won b4. So should be able to take part over n over again.
Need to sign indemnity form, dunno if they got check with the records for repeaters.

Hmmm, how did you eat the sushi? Did you really chew it? Do you think its feasible to carefully bite it into half or smaller bites without biting into too much of the chilli n just swallowing without chewing?
My first strategy is to bite into half than another smaller bites to swallow the whole sushi. went down quite easily.

level 2 - i did chew till the whole sushi till it become mushy (this part i regretted doing it, it almost cause my downfall in the competition.)

The rest of the level, i just repeat my first strategy.

I believe in this kind of competition , either your tongue and taste bud take the punishment ( chew into smaller bites and swallow) or you can choose to let your stomach and somewhere near the bottom to take the punishment ( bite into half and swallow).
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