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Ok, guys, I have made reservation for 8 persons at 11.30am. For holiday their menu is the same for both lunch and dinner so that mean all the crabs dishes and oysters are in.

BigMonkey, I checked for you regarding the free lunch voucher, unfortunately it can't be use for Public Holiday even though it's a weekday. Do let me know if you are still keen to attend.

Lunch Buffet

Date: 17th May 2011 (Vesak Day)
Time: 11.30am to 4pm
Price: $58++ with premium items and UOB 4 for 3 discount

Best if in multiple of 4 to enjoy the promotion but any number of participants are welcome.

1) twtan
2) Wackykid
3) carey
4) raven1019

5) Beta_Tester (TBC)
Click to join >> [B][COLOR="Red"][url=][COLOR="Red"][U]HWZ's Makan Session[/U][/COLOR][/url][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

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