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Selling Textbooks, Lecture notes, Tutorials, Assessment Books, Guides, Ten Year Series, Summary Notes


Iím selling ALMOST, not all kinds of secondary and JC Notes, books, bind notes etc etc. ALMOST whatever you name it, I have it cozí I was a crazy student who loved to splurge on academic materials which I found absolutely handy during my academic journey. You can email me at if youíre looking for any subject material I listed below.

Let me list those SUBJECT materials I have for Secondary school:

Elementary Math
Additional Math
Combined Physics & Chemistry
Pure Physics & Chemistry
Pure Literature
Combined History & Social Studies

Junior College (JC)

H1 General Paper (GP)
H1 Chinese
H2 Chemistry
H1 Physics
H2 Economics
H2 Math

For junior college (JC) materials, I have those Ďbrandedí schools notes, haha. So, if youíre really really keen, kindly email me at

Iíll let you know which secondary school and junior college that I read in if youíre interested in getting any material to aid in your studies. If youíre reading anyone of those subjects above and youíre looking for CHEAP and useful (cozí usually my notes are filled w/ annotations. But, kindly rest assured Ďbout the tidiness! Iíd be most willing to scan a few pages for you to get a glimpse if youíre really interested in getting my books.) guides, assessments, textbooks or whatever. I really have TRUCKLOADS. I have gotten rid of much already but I still have loads piling up in my house. So kindly email me at to understand more details and information.

Kindly rest assured that my notes, books, assessments, guides etc. etc. are ALMOST in TIP TOP MINT CONDITION (NOT PERFECT cozí itís used) bícoz I was a student who loved and took great care of my academic materials. Some are even binded, plastic-wrapped, punch filed (no worries, Iíll give u the file as well) BTW, I do tag those chapters and highlight important points as well.

So, if youíre looking for any subject material but u canít find it in the market or you find it too waste of money to get a brand new one, you can always email me at Iíll definitely let u know if I have the material youíre looking for!


Thanks! Xxx
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