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Erm, suddenly got the gian mah...hahah

Guess I can spare 1 day off to makan - plus the Cafe Swiss lunch is only from 12 to 2.30pm...hahah

Indian Times must be savoured to be that calls for a longer makan session...

I think the vouchers can also do dinner at Indian Times which is probably better (no need to take leave)...hahah

I am okay on all days next week (I think)...hahah
Np man. As long as get to eat, you wouldn't hear me complaining Yeah, i think it will be a better idea to do dinner for indian times. I think i read somewhere tat the dinner spread is better than lunch.

K, then i arrange with donkey n let you know.

Overseas cant go! Will there be Sichuan Douhua 4?
Maybe Toons can reschedule the outing to a later date? More people go can order more dishes.
Let me see *peeks into his crystal ball* Yes! there will be a sichuan4. Unless we have a couple more ppls who wanna go but can't do 6 jun, else we stick to 6 jun bah. This one got ppl specially request one, if i go to change the date, wait she cannot go ... PPP can always join sichuan4. As long as the standard of food stays consistent, i dun see why there will not be a 4, 5, 6 ...

PPP, you going thailand with your folks? When will you be away? I go n schedule all the nice meaty buffets while you away so tat i dun have to fight with you for bui bui meats
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