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ya wat... wkdays whole day work already sianz... if go out eat simple dinner and den can go home by 9-10pm still ok... i still got time to bath.. rest... surf net... relax... b4 going to koonz... if go jiak buffet... go home likely 11+ liao........ walao eh by the time zzz would be 1-2am??? den still need to wake up at 7am...

and yeah besides i no hurry to jiak buffet.... i just see got which buffet dat interests me and with a good timing den i join......
Even if buffet, who is stopping you from leaving early? Dun understand why buffet = must overeat n must eat til 10+. You wanna eat 1 plate n leave 10mins into the buffet also no one will stop you.

Bro, if you choose to go for buffets only on weekends, tats totally your call. Just saying tat i will not reschedule for such a reason. If its like Piggy ... have to work at nite on weekdays, then i'll try to accomodate his schedule n arrange for buffets which he is keen in on weekends. However, from your last sentence, i know tat you dun expect anyone to reschedule buffet outings to weekends to suit your preference, which is great cos no bad feelings man!
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