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The min. comm. is an ongoing thing... its not a promo..
the promo is the 2 free trades

The custodian of your shares is confirm - SCB will keep your shares
there's no custodian fees
but if u prefer to move your shares to CDP, u can request SCB to do so and they'll arrange it - again, no fees for this
its funny you dont believe what i told you.

and would you believe a CSO which is probably just worked a few days back than someone who has more experience in the stock market?

by the way from the statement SCB gives you, they does not provide a complete explanation to you. i leave it to you to find out.

so if company offer dividends, is go to SCB or to us?
seems that not many people are aware about this custody thing. SCB trading platform works the same way like any other trading platform. if you have not noticed, you can choose the other brokers like phillip or UOBKH to be your custodian when you signed up the account. thats why sometimes you will see nominees like phillip or UOBKH under the shareholding statistics of a company. so in future, you might see standard chartered too.

yes you are entitled to ALL the corporate actions. but you need to settle with standard chartered. no longer through CDP.
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