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Looking to extend your Wi-Fi range in your home or work around blind spots in your house? Aztech has you covered.

Aztech's HomePlug AV Pass Through (HL110EP) allows you to plug in another electrical device into its socket so the HomePlug won't be the only device hogging all the electricity. $49 for a single unit and in a dose of double happiness, costs $90.

The Mini HomePlug Ethernet Adapter (HL112E) will cost the same as the larger AV Pass Through version, but without the convenience of connecting any other device for power. $49 a pop or $90 for two. It allows you to use any power socket as an Ethernet port, but take note, you need one for your modem to connect to first.

The HomePlug Wireles-N Extender (HL110EW) will set you back $79, so why not get the HomePlug AV Pass Through with it for a $119 deal?
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