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but there is no cdp linkage form when u open the account
You are absolutely right! The right question! I notice that too!

Questions I asked to my (1 year experience) officer for account opening.

Q1. Can i make shares payment using another bank and leave my SCB saving account $0?

Officer answer : No. You need to use SCB.

(I suspect they may not give a trading limit. Why is there no request of your montly salary statement or CPF statement? So whatever amount you have in SCB determine what you can trade? My dmg account have a trading limit and anything above limit, I have to kept a deposit with them. But it allow me to pay using another bank like OCBC even though it is link to DBS.)

Q2. So it will link to my CDP account?

Officer answer : Hmm...I don't know.

(I suspect if there is a possiblity SCB will buy the shares on behalf and keep it on the behalf of CDP. I hope not. That's mean SCB being the direct purchaser? Shares should be held directly with CDP and SCB being the broker only.

Officer dunno..really blur...

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