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i hav a qn on aircon power consumption:

For a non inverter aircon, i understand that the compressor only can on and off, will off when the desired temp is reached.
FOr a system 2, the compressor turns on when even 1 fancoil is on.
so is the power consumption same for turning 1 and 2 fancoil unit since the compressor can only turn on and off?

if the abv is true, then might as well always turn on both fancoil since pwr consumption is same.

pls advice..
for non-inverter aircon, that is very true... the outdoor compressor unit doesnt have a variable rotation speed. Even if you turn on one fancoil and two fancoil, it consumes the same...

If you want the prove, you can always check your outdoor electric meter.. use stopwatch to count how many seconds it take to make 1 full rotation with one and two fancoil on for Non-inverter aircon
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