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Btw, for SCB, can queue or not? The queue goes to the market? I dont want those that u queue and it only hits if u queue goes to the higher bid.

I email them a few questions regarding their platform a couple of days back and no response sia...

the no min. comm. is the biggest draw for me

so paul, i save u the trouble and call them myself
firstly, the tel no. given on the promo site - 1800 747 700 - is NOT the no. to call
it should be 1800 242 5333
1st operator gave me the run-around, promising the trading side will call me back... its been 1hr.. no call back...
2nd operator gave me the correct no. to call...

this is what i got;
The min. comm. is an ongoing thing... its not a promo..
the promo is the 2 free trades

The custodian of your shares is confirm - SCB will keep your shares
there's no custodian fees
but if u prefer to move your shares to CDP, u can request SCB to do so and they'll arrange it - again, no fees for this

for myself, the 2 free trades promo is no biggie... i'll standby and see what are the actual experiences...
(i'm secretly hoping for the no min. comm. practice to catch on) :p
Did they mention how much will be the commision after promo period?
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