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yesterday i went to sign up for taglite, they kept on trying to get me to sign the mio plan. for the $30+$10 sim & registration charges they can waive, just call 1688 and tell them nicely, they waived it for me. at 1st when i did the taglite at the singtel shop they kept telling me i can't waive the $40 BUT if i sign up for mio tv at $9.90/mth they will waive it for me. which is crap coz i can't believe they can just anyhow give customers such "proposals". its the official singtel shop, not those retailers.

as for the speed, initially was 0.35mbps for the 1st day. so i called up and besides doing a reset on their side + asking me to clear the cookies/cache on my ipad, i was also told to wait another day coz its not completely activated. so i waited another day, did the speedtest and i got abt 1-2mbps for the download speed, same as my mainline. anyway its NOT SUPPOSED to be 0.35mbps, that is totally not acceptable. that kind of speed totally cannot surf/download anything! if it continues, make sure they do something on their side else request for a cancellation.

one thing i must say is singtel's 3G network really suck on the whole. alot of times dont hv the 3G signal and it happens at alot of places, from bus interchanges to underground tunnels in trains (but surprisingly got reception on NEL) to some parts in my home. i think singtel shd just upgrade their 3G network.

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